The M Magazine

“Gennaro’s highly imaginative, inventive art flows from a consciousness of the unity of all forms of life on the planet. She follows her muse, Joseph Cornell, in making narrative theatrical works imbued with a sense of mystery.”

By Mary Hrbacek

D’Art International

Gennaro’s “work is a melding of sweet and creepy, with a quality of innocence under duress. The found images of children and nature at times visually rhyme with the remains of living things. The result is like a narrative that seems both strange and familiar, just beyond the literal retelling of a story.” 

By John Mendelsohn

Collector’s House

“Jane Gennaro’s art speaks to that unknowable quest that lies at the heart of every collector. She reminds me of an aristocrat explorer gathering bugs, flora and animal parts from far flung places (in her case, nooks and crannies of the New York Subway and the bucolic hills of upstate New York). Cabinets overflow with personal artifacts and spare rooms are used to stage vignettes depicting cycles of life, death, recovery, and rebirth. I have stepped into a world steeped in adventure, humility and playful self discovery through the gathering of symbolic objects. Together they create a language, and from there a story, not yet complete.”

By Sandra Botnen

Digital PhotoPro

“Gennaro can’t easily be labeled as an artist of a specific genre, with her versatility extending across disparate media as a writer, performer, voice-over artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and sculptor. In the end, it’s consummate storytelling that unifies Gennaro’s work across these different spheres.”

By Baldev Duggal