Shaking the Goose Egg

Mamawish, 2006, paper on paper 5 x 5 in

I love this city. Kiss the ground of it. Except for—well, jack hammers. Sirens. Honking fire engines. Shrieking children in riot helmets wielding selfie sticks on scooters. Not to mention the howling Shih-zui left alone all day in the apartment next door. So my husband Stephen and I buy a house in the country to embrace serenity—become one with Mother Nature.

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Jelly Jar Pompeii

“Mamawish 8”, 2006, paper and mesh on paper, 5 x 5 in.

I’m doing my morning meander around the pond. White mug of black coffee splashing over the rim as I zero in on a pebble strangely resembling a ping pong ball. Oh. Maybe it is a ping pong ball. Down on my pajama knees for a closer look, I pick it up and —Whoa! We are not talking table tennis!

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